#Fuse17 Day 2

My favorite moment from Fuse today was when we were setting some norms around group life and teamwork: How do we know when things are going well? One of my teammates suggested we do a “Saved by the Bell high five”:

sbtb high 5

In reality it’s a pretty terrible high five (Kelly Kapowski totally misses the target), but it’s hard for a group of adults not to smile when attempting a big high five like this one. Call me cheesy, but I loved every time we celebrated a win by high fiving each other. Celebrating milestones and accomplishments throughout the design thinking process is so important; this is hard work and it’s important to encourage one another as we go.

[Side note: The high school students in our group had no idea what a Saved by the Bell high five was. I’m starting to feel old.]

Other highlights from today are embedded below:


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