It’s the Summer of Katie!

School’s out! And we have ten weeks until the kids come back again. I absolutely love the feeling at the start of summer – there is such a feeling of promise and excitement. So much time to accomplish goals and complete projects. A different pace and schedule from the regular school year. I have a LOT I want to get done this summer, and I am ready to go.

Here’s what’s on tap this summer:

  • Read some chapters from Deeper Learning, grow my network, and iterate a PBL unit (see more of our school’s learning opportunities here)
  • Participate in a SBG (standards based grading) Institute at the Cannon School in early June
  • Dive deep into an R&D grant opportunity around assessment practices in middle school (see more details here)
  • Take some R&R with family in New Hampshire/Cape Cod for a nephew’s graduation
  • Coach/facilitate at FUSE, a design thinking conference
  • Attend the ISTE conference in San Antonio in late June
  • Prepare for my new role next year at Mount Vernon, Director of Instructional Technology, starting with…
    • Become a Level 1 Google Certified Educator
    • Explore the ISTE standards and imagine how we might intentionally incorporate those ideas into learning outcomes and instruction
    • Identify potential avenues to partner with our parent community around educating students about using technology safely, wisely, and ethically
    • Familiarize myself with the new Digication, the platform we use in middle school for eportfolios
    • Explore and organize ideas (instructional strategies, online tools, etc) that assist teachers/students interact with technology, around 4 themes: creating, communicating, curating, and consuming
  • Design the elective course I’m teaching next year, seventh/eighth grade digital media
  • Begin coursework for my Ed.S. in gifted and creative education through the University of Georgia (thrilled to be pursuing my fourth degree from UGA!)
  • Run 12 miles per week and lead optional middle school cross country practices in June & July
  • Travel to Italy and Switzerland with my husband in late July

I’ll use my blog to document my learning this summer. Feel free to follow along with what I am reading and working on here.


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