Global Thinking Routines

Over the holiday break, I’ve been catching up on reading. I loved the article in ASCD’s December/January magazine titled, “How to Be a Global Thinker.” It outlines some skills and dispositions that students need in order to be globally competent and it provides thinking routines from Harvard’s Project Zero to help students practice these skills and dispositions:

The 3 Y’s (Learners explore significance of a given topic)

  1. Why might this topic/question/event matter to me?
  2. Why might it matter to people around me (family, friends, city, nation)?
  3. Why might it matter to the world?

How Else and Why (Learners move through reflective iterations of a particular claim)

  1. What I want to say is… (The student makes a statement)
  2. How else can I say this? And why?
  3. How else can I say this? And why?
  4. Continue as needed

At each turn, the same student considers intention, audience, and situation to reframe his or her language, tone, body language, and choice of media/technology in communicating their idea.

Step In, Step Out, Step Back (Learners practice taking other perspectives)

  1. Choose: Identify a person or agent in the situation
  2. Step In: Given what you see and know at this time, what do you think this person might experience, feel, believe, or know?
  3. Step Out: What else would you like or need to learn in order to understand this person’s perspective better?
  4. Step Back: Given your exploration of this topic so far, what do you notice about your own perspectives and what it takes to take someone else’s perspective?

Circles of Action (Learners recognize opportunities to take responsible action)

  1. What can I do to contribute…
    1. In my inner circle?
    2. In my local community?
    3. Beyond my community?



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