New teachers, (re)new excitement 

I love new teachers. Whether they are experienced educators or freshly minted college graduates, teachers who are new to a school tend to have lots of ideas to implement, goals to accomplish, and relationships to develop. They radiate positive energy. They ask thoughtful questions because they currently have an outsiders’ perspective on our culture and customs. New teachers are grateful. 

I especially love this year’s new middle school teachers, for all the reasons above and then some. We have a few of our new team members on campus this week, and it is such a joy to check in with them and hear how thrilled they are to be part of our school. Not only do they communicate this excitement with their words: I heard one exclaim, “I can’t believe I get to teach here!” Another one used the phrase, “I’m just so excited about next year” at least seven times in a five minute conversation. New teachers also communicate their excitement through their actions, tweeting up a storm or arriving early/staying late to get some extra work done. 

I’m inspired and rejuvenated by the new teammates with whom I’ve worked this summer. I’m also eager to get to know some of our teammates who were not on campus this week. Looking ahead, I’m excited to begin working with the entire amazing, high-performing team that we have assembled in the middle school. 

Our veteran teammates and our newest Mustangs have much to share with and learn from each other. And if we all approach the next school year with as much enthusiasm as our new teachers, there is no limit to what we might accomplish.


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