What’s in Your Earbuds?

Despite my weather app’s predictions of 97-degree heat and intense sunshine, I walked to work today. Thankfully, we had our middle school admin retreat in a building literally right across the street from my condo in Sandy Springs, so it was a brief jaunt.

In some ways though, I wished for a longer commute this morning. (Has anyone ever said that?) I am a big fan of podcasts, and I hardly had time to get past the opening credits in This American Life before arriving at work, sweating only slightly.

Hoping that this post might solicit podcast recommendations from others, I’d like to share what I’m currently listening to. In no particular order:

Radio Diaries

Five Thirty Eight Elections 

NPR Politics Podcast


Hidden Brain

The Moth Podcast

Reply All

99% Invisible



The Dave Ramsey Show

TED Radio Hour



Flash Forward

This American Life

Design Movement 


I’m curious – What podcasts do you listen to? When do you listen to them? Any recommendations on new ones for me?




One thought on “What’s in Your Earbuds?

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  1. Katie, this post made me giddy!! I’m obsessed with Podcasts. You’ve listed many of my favorites: Radio Lab, 538 Elections, and Reply All. Also on my list are: Serial, No One Knows Anything (Buzzfeed elections), and More Perfect (Radio Lab’s spinoff focused on the Supreme Court). Note to Self is good too, but it is more hit or miss. Which of the ones you listed should I check out first?

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