Why Blogging is Hard for Me

I have started and restarted this blog more times than I can remember.

This time around, I’m resurrecting it as part of a blogging challenge with colleagues at school. I’m hopeful that participating in the challenge will kickstart a new habit.

I’m completely on board with the idea of blogging. Reflecting and sharing ideas with others is an important practice: As John Dewey said, “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” And I want to blog more, but intentionally or unintentionally, I have not given my blog the attention it needs in the past few months years.

In reflecting on reasons why I don’t blog more often, I realized a few key obstacles that I will work on removing in order to establish this new habit:

  1. Setting Regular Time. I have the time to write, especially in the summer. I’d argue that my time is a little more scarce once school starts back, but I can adjust my schedule when that time comes. Just like I spend time reading the New York Times every morning and going to the gym (almost) every afternoon after work, I think it would help me establish a routine by finding a regular time to fire up the ol’ blog and make a post.
  2. Managing the Editor vs. Creative Writer. I’m typically pretty details-oriented and I can tend to be a perfectionist. As such, I find it difficult to ‘kick the editor off my shoulder’ as I write. In college (probably the last time I wrote extensively), I would type a sentence or part of a sentence, decide I didn’t like the way I worded it, delete it, type a sentence or part of a sentence, decide I didn’t like the way I worded it, delete it… this paralysis by analysis usually caused paper-writing to be a painfully slow process. The idea that my work will be published online to an audience (albeit a small one – thank you, dear readers) adds to my self-induced pressure to write something of high quality, so it’s especially difficult to quiet my internal editor as I type.
  3. Finding My Voice. I’m a little humbled to share this, but in the spirit of growth mindset, here goes – I’m not 100% sure what to write about. One on hand, I know I can write whatever I want. It is my blog. But sometimes, the things I reflect upon the most are sensitive, or I don’t feel comfortable sharing them publicly: questions around ideas/policies at school, conversations and relationships with colleagues, or certain interactions with parents. That said, I have some ideas on posts for this blogger challenge to get me started. Maybe my voice will be rambling at first and I can narrow my focus as I become a more experienced blogger.

So here we go! I have five days to crank out ten posts for this challenge. I’m looking forward to the experience!



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