Digital Media Day 1 and 2

This year, as part of my new role as Director of Instructional Technology, I have the really cool opportunity to teach a seventh/eighth grade elective, Digital Media. I've co-taught this class in the past, so I have a tiny bit of experience, but I know I'll be learning a lot right alongside the students. This... Continue Reading →

What a Difference a Year Makes

I found this half-finished post in my drafts, from about a year ago when a bunch of us were bloggin' machines thanks to Chip's blogging challenge idea. The first half of this post was written last May. I don't know why I didn't finish and publish it then, but in a way, I'm glad it... Continue Reading →

#Fuse17 Day 2

My favorite moment from Fuse today was when we were setting some norms around group life and teamwork: How do we know when things are going well? One of my teammates suggested we do a "Saved by the Bell high five": In reality it's a pretty terrible high five (Kelly Kapowski totally misses the target),... Continue Reading →

#Fuse17 Day 1

One of my favorite moments from Fuse today was a spark. Sparks are like icebreakers, but better and more fun. Participants were asked to share what we were like in high school and then share what we used to think we might want to be when we "grew up." The next part was the best:... Continue Reading →

The Leprechaun Trap

I can remember doing homework for the first time in second grade. I'm sure we had multiple homework assignments throughout the year, but the one I remember most is designing a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick's Day. I hated this assignment. First, I don't think we were even learning about leprechauns, or myths/legends/fairy tales, or anything... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Deeper Learning: Chapter 9 – Assessment Systems for Deeper Learning

I chose Chapter 9, written by Linda Darling-Hammond and David T. Conley, because I am participating in a Middle School research and design grant opportunity this summer through MVIFI. The driving question of the grant is: How might we reimagine our current assessment practices (including classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, etc.) and reporting system to provide more... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Deeper Learning: Chapter 6 – The Worst of Times, The Best of Times

About seven years ago, our entire faculty read Tony Wagner's The Global Achievement Gap. His work, along with other key readings, films, and articles, inspired Mount Vernon to create the Mount Vernon mindsets. I was excited to read this chapter because the introduction chapter of Deeper Learning alluded to Wagner's earlier work and promised to deliver "practices... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Deeper Learning: Chapter 4 – Powering Up Learning with PBL Plus Technology

Last year, at the ASCD conference in Atlanta, I ended up sitting next to Suzie Boss in one of the sessions. A little star-struck, I was super excited to talk to her because I knew our entire school would be studying and utilizing PBL in the coming year. I always enjoy reading Suzie's writing on its own merit, but... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Deeper Learning: Chapter 2 – Dispositions: Critical Pathways for Deeper Learning

Chapter 2 of Deeper Learning takes a close look at dispositions for deeper learning, putting forth the idea that "we must all think anew about the important outcomes of education as we prepare students for a vastly different future than we have known in the past" (p. 55). The chapter's authors, Arthur L. Costa and... Continue Reading →

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